Only strong characters can surrender

Performance (5 Min)


A flag is a piece of fabric. It is an emblem of authority and power. People die for a flag, swear on it; it is hoisted up or set at half-mast, it is burned, defended, raised and displayed – and anyone who defiles it is punished.

The flag is a symbol of belonging and exclusion. The flag must be waved with strength and precision. That is how the message is conveyed. Schrade and Hülsewig are harnessing this militaristic potential. Hülsewig swings her exclusive trophies, shifting from rhythmic gymnastics to aggressive chaos with incredible joy and total sincerity.

Schrade is playing music. Disco is it! Monochrome keys – vertical grip – bodies in transformation. The pianist’s fingers become fists. Liberation! We are putting those little Hermès beasts under increasing pressure, so they fly off somewhere else. Those silky soft Carées for the price of annual or monthly earnings. For folding, for tying, it’s sickening! Liberation!


Concept: NAF
Performance: Nana Hülsewig, Fender Schrade