Foto: NAF, 2017

12. January 2019

Theaterpreis 2019

NORM IST F!KTION #2  is among the winners of  the Theatre Prize Baden-Württemberg 2019. Here the comment of the jury.

31. January 2017


NAF published by TAZ

In its weekly edition of TAZ (10.03.2016) a one-paged portrait of NAF was published nationwide. 
Here the link to the article from Elena Wolf.

Foto: Regina Brocke, 2016

28. October 2016

Finissage and tour at the end of the exhibition

For the finale of the exhibition NORM IST F!KTION#1 there will be an exclusive tour on November 3rd 2016. The tour through the city will be guided by the artists themselves Nana Hülseweg and Fender Schrade. The tour starts at the Innenstadtkinos, where for the very last time their media intervention will be shown within the trailer section before the feature film begins. In addition to other exhibition venues like MediaMarkt, Marienplatz and Theater Rampe, original locations of the performances will be visited. Participants of the tour will receive a NORM IST F!KTION patch of the limited edition of Mona Kuschel. The tour ends with the finissage at Theater Rampe.


Time: 03.11.16, 5:50 p.m.

Meeting point: outside of the cinema Metropol, Bolzstrasse 10, 70173 Stuttgart

Contribution to expenses: 8€ (inkl. VVS fee and patch)

Due to the limited number of participants,  please register at


12. September 2016

NORM IST F!KTION #1 – Exhibition

From 30. October – 03. November 2016, through interventions at Theater Rampe and in public space we undermine every day’s norms and values. Our works will be shown at Innenstadtkinos, MediaMarkt at central station, Marienplatz and at Kommunales Kino Esslingen.


13. July 2016

Film about NAF

Gabriela Correa and her crew joined us day and night with their camera during rehearsal and our show in Berlin. The documentary “Gegen den Strom” will be screened at Merzakademie Stuttgart on 15th and 16th of July.

Photo by NAF, 2016

02. March 2016

NAF working on new interventions

We arrived in our new studio next to Schauspiel Nord and already develop new interventions for public space. In september we will show all videos of the project NORM IST F!KTION #1  at Theater Rampe.

Photo by Fender Schrade, 2015

10. January 2016

New video work in exhibition

Two video installations by NAF are shown at the GfZK Leipzig till end of January. NORM IST F!KTION #1/2 has been added. It´s a documentary of the intervention NAF did in the super-size shopping Center at Leipzig Main Station in september last year.

Photo by Nana Hülsewig, 2015

18. October 2015

Norm ist F!ktion #1/1 at GfZK, Leipzig

The music video installation NORM IST F!KTION #1/1  is shown form October 18th till the 31th in the exhibition “Travesty for Advanced Performers Part: 3 – Walking Through Walls”. The show takes place at Gallery of Contemporary Art, Leipzig.

Photo by Mona Kuschel, 2015
NAF tonight Live in Leipzig

The exhibition “Travesty for Advanced Performers Part: 3 – Walking Through Walls” at Gallery for Contemporary Art, Leipzig will be opened tonight. NAF will show their Live Music Performance LUCY JORDAN.

Film Still, NAF, 2015

18. September 2015

Taking a place for tireness

NAF travel to Leipzig to perform NORM IST F!KTION #1/2 in a huge shopping Center between, Mediamarkt, H&M and other chains of brands. They are accompanied by the video artists Luise Schröder and Anna Baranowski who document this event on film with their team. It´s incredible they´re  almost invisible.

Film Still, NAF, 2014

10. September 2015

Press Review Artmagazine

link to the article

Photo by Regina Brocke, 2015

01. September 2015

New Intervention: Norm ist F!ktion #1/2

NAF are watching, analysing, reproducing and undermining the ways of communication, who define the order of spaces. They take a look on exploitation, economics, privatization, and the impossibility of usage of public areas. Who does the shopping center belong to? Who does the acoustic spaces in department stores belong to? And the street corridors, which divide our cities?

01. June 2015


will take place  in Juni 2015 – Juli 2016 in public space.

NAF appear at places like the financial district,  in shopping centers, in the Cinema and in the street traffic. With music, costumes and enactment they develop strong pictures. They react with their performances to the situations creates by the urban space.

13. April 2015

NAF in public german television

The public german television joined us during the setup of NANA NOT ALONE at Theater Rampe, Stuttgart. The Performance will open the  Festival 6 Tage Frei. Check out the video:


01. January 2015

NAF developed a new series of work

NORM IST F!KTION – is a trans medial and multi-part concept on  trans*gender, body and city. Each part build upon each other and passes through the public space with different steps. Further the art work will condense to a stage performance and finally to a cinematic fiction.