Poster campaign in Stuttgart from 14.04. – 03.05.18


Vernissage. The artists are present.
13.04.18 Schlossplatz, Stuttgart



NORM IST F!KTION #4/1 is the first part of a cycle out of installations and performances on the subject on silence and otherness in public space. It is a poster campaign which will be opened with a vernissage. The artists will be present.


NAF utilize urban space as exhibition room. They use coveted advertisement spaces to showcase their work.  On posters one can see a double portrait of Hülsewig and Schrade with a dog. Frills grace both of their necks, their torsos are exposed and it seems like they gaze after the viewer. Inspired by the flemish portrait paintings of the 17th century NAF playfully merge past, present and future.  In contrast to their mannered faces and hairstyles and the pure silk frills, the upper body of Hülsewig and Schrade are hairy, one is black, the other reddish.  Thus they evade aesthetic expectations of human bodies, their features of male and female and of youth and flawlessness. It is quite a beautiful image of them which breaks with conventional viewing habits and can have a disturbing effect.

To be seen is an image and explicitly no advertisement. There are no indications of dates, names and locations. Contrary to the ubiquitous peremptory consumption in public space stands the purpose-free, pure art. This is the first in a series of artistic metamorphosis. Disguised as advertisement, it irritates and raises questions about aesthetic and lifestyles beyond standardised but arbitrary code of conduct in our cities.



“NORM IST F!KTION #4/1”, 2018, Vernissage, Schlossplatz Stuttgart


Stadtteil Standort
Mitte Büchsen-/Kronprinzstr.
Mitte Bolz-/Königstr.
Mitte Königstr. 1
Mitte Münz-/Sporerstr.
Mitte Wilhelmsbau-/Königstr.
Süd Marienplatz
Ost Ostendplatz
Bad Cannstatt Badstr./Wilhelmsbrücke
Bad Cannstatt Bahnhofstr. (Ecke Eisenbahnstr.)
Mühlhausen Aldinger-/Mönchfeldstr.
Neugereut Flamingoweg 22
Feuerbach Wilhelm-Geiger-Platz
Zuffenhausen Burgunderstr. 32
Stammheim Freihofplatz
Weilimdorf Löwenmarkt
Botnang Griegstr.
Rohracker Rohracker-/Dürrbachstr.
Rohr Schönbuch-/ Rathausstr.
Fasanenhof Kurt-Schuhmacher-Str./Sautterweg
Möhringen Filderbahnplatz
Möhringen Plieninger Straße 100 (SI-Centrum)
Degerloch Löffelstr. / Albplatz
Vaihingen Hauptstr. / Vaihinger Markt
Plieningen Filderhauptstr./Wollgrasweg
Plieningen Fruhwirtstr. / Uni Hohenheim
Plieningen Garbenstr. 30 (Uni Hohenheim)
Sillenbuch Kirchheimer Str. 69 / vor Liliencronapotheke
Heumaden Bockel-/Kirchheimstr.
Wangen Ulmer-/Geislingerstr.
Obertürkheim Göppinger Straße beim Bahnhof




By and with: Nana Hülsewig, Fender Schrade


Speech: Martina Grohmann
Music performance: Rafi Martin

Historical costumes: Nana Hülsewig
Make-up: Nadja Werthmann
Dog training: Jutta Reiff
Photography: Regina Brocke
Grafics: Studio Panorama
Technical support: Hanno Schupp
Production management: Silinee Damsa-Ard
Oil painting: Mary Sherman


A production of NAF in cooperation with:

Theater Rampe Stuttgart


Funded by:

Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. aus Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart


With kind support of:
rosspartner GmbH
Diana Strnad
Alice Kögel
Indra Nauck
Mailo Schmidt
Rosa Brombacher
Sabrina Schray
Justyna Koeke