NORM IST F!KTION – concept

„Nur wer sich und seine Person mitnimmt in das Wagnis der Öffentlichkeit, kann sie erreichen.“
Hannah Arendt


Point of departure ist the performance of norm: how do we cross a street? How do we behave  at public square, how do we behave in a shopping mall? At what kind of place is what kind of cloting, what kind of behaviour adequate?

NORM IST F!KTION is the artistic quest of NAF for standardization.

NAF consider public space as staging and fiction which pretend to be a deceptively genuine environment. In this staging NAF participiate with their own artistic formats and thereby design new fields of action. This leads to an exaggeration which uncovers the order of things and its folly in bright colours. It criticises exploitation, economics and privatisation of public areas. It is an invitation to develope utopias which deal with empathy, emancipation, diversity of life and self-empowerment.